A leading specialism.

CONTENUR is a market leader in the comprehensive inspection and maintenance of children’s playgrounds, managing more than 4,500 play areas in recent years. We also maintain other similar equipment, such as recreation areas for older children and biohealth parks. Designing, installing and adapting parks. . CONTENUR plans and installs new playgrounds which are compliant with standards. We assess possible non-conformities in equipment which has already been installed and suggest solutions to obtain certifications which conform with regulation 1176/77. Inspection. Our team carry out regulatory inspections of equipment which has been installed, compliant with standards and documenting on computer servers the elements which have been inspected and any defects detected for immediate action. Preventive maintenance. This enables us to maintain security and recreational levels, whilst retaining functionality and appearance of equipment. Shock resistant flooring. . CONTENUR maintain and ensure the functionality of all types of safety flooring. Corrective maintenance. Any incident detected by the maintenance staff is communicated and processed immediately. Repairs are carried out as soon as possible, or in extreme cases, the apparatus is closed until it is repaired properly. Cleaning. Cleaning of equipment and safety flooring is carried out regularly, including biological sampling of the sandpits. Inappropriate graffiti and advertisements are removed.