C2400 D

Ergonomics, quality and accessibility

Extremely shockproof

The side-loading 2400 L container is manufactured from injection-moulded polyethylene,  using state-of-the-art machinery and moulds, together with environmentally-friendly, recyclable materials. Injection moulding makes it possible to take advantage of the benefits of plastic, including stable colours, full corrosion resistance, smooth surfaces and the ability to withstand everyday impacts without denting or cracking.

The C2400 D is specially designed for use with all standard collection equipment. It has GS product certification from TÜV Product Service GMBH in line with the following European standards:  EN 12574-1 (design); EN 12574-2 (product testing); and EN 12574-3 (safety). This guarantees users and operators that the product meets the strictest requirements in terms of health and safety, size and mechanical strength.

The maximum floor gradient for use of the 2,400 L container is 20° and it has a tractive force of 68 N with the container at an incline of 6°.


  • A > 1887 mm
  • B > 1660 mm
  • C > 1737 mm
  • D > 1870 mm
  • E > 1010 mm
  • F > 490 mm
  • G > 1370 mm
  • H > 315 mm
  • I > 1280 mm
  • J > 1660 mm

2400 l

135 kg

960 kg


Packaging aperture

Paper aperture

Glass opening

Reflective strips

Inner lid


Impact restrictor

Equipment for all needs

  • Restrictor

    Pedal equipped with impact restrictor for lid closure.

  • Reflective strips

    Accessory to improve product visibility.

  • Customisable

    On body and lid with sticker, thermal transfer or screen printed.

  • Stackable

    Stackable for easy handling.

  • Easy to clean

    Hard-wearing and light product with easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Universal accessibility

    Accessible to all.

Available in variety of colours

CONTENUR products can be supplied on order in a wide variety of colours. The high-density mass-coloured polyethylene injection system is stabilised against the combined action of water and Ultra Violet rays. The high-density polyethylene enables the product to easily withstand the elements and makes it extremely stable when faced with temperature changes. Recyclable materials that do not have a negative environmental impact are used, as well as pigments that do not contain heavy metals, which means that the colours remain inalterable.