C800 F

Quality, functionality and accessibility

Designed to improve the urban environment

The rear-loading C800 F container is manufactured from injection-moulded, self-coloured high-density polyethylene, stabilised against the combined effects of UV rays and water. It is produced using environmentally-friendly, recyclable materials and there are no heavy metals in the pigments used for manufacture.

The C800 F can be manufactured with DIN, AFNOR, Oschner and Ventral collection systems and adapted to the different types of selective collection.


  • A > 1151 mm
  • B > 670 mm
  • C > 1229 mm
  • D > 1268 mm
  • E > 1370 mm
  • F > 200 mm
  • G > 613,50 mm
  • H > 480 mm
  • I > 797 mm
  • J > 1220 mm


770 l


308 kg


Paper aperture

Brush aperture for packaging


DIN pivot

Drop front

Inner lid

Fork pockets

Oschner system

Equipment for all needs

  • Sound-proofing

    Container equipped with sound-proofing system.

  • Lock

    On request the product can be fitted with a lock on the body and lid.

  • Impact restrictor

    Pedal equipped with impact restrictor for lid closure.

  • Brake

    Wheels fitted with brakes to prevent undesired movement of container.

  • Easy to clean

    Hard-wearing and light product with easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Stackable

    Stackable for easy handling.

Available in variety of colours

CONTENUR products can be supplied on order in a wide variety of colours. The high-density mass-coloured polyethylene injection system is stabilised against the combined action of water and Ultra Violet rays. The high-density polyethylene enables the product to easily withstand the elements and makes it extremely stable when faced with temperature changes. Recyclable materials that do not have a negative environmental impact are used, as well as pigments that do not contain heavy metals, which means that the colours remain inalterable.

Download Color Chart