C80 H

Quality, design and ergonomics

Strong, functional and adapted to every requirement

C80 H rear loading containers are manufactured by means of an injection system using high-density solid-coloured polyethylene, stabilised to counteract the combined action of water and ultraviolet rays. Recyclable environmentally-friendly materials are used in the production process, which helps to improve sustainability. The pigments utilised in the manufacturing process do not contain heavy materials.

C80 H containers adapt perfectly to the different types of selective collection: paper, glass, packaging and organic, and are made with the DIN collection system, completing the catalogue of comprehensive solutions for waste containers.



Side handle

Glass aperture

Packaging aperture

Paper aperture

Embossed logo

Numbering plate


Equipment for all needs

  • Electronic chip

    Recess for electronic chips.

  • Sound-proofing

    Container equipped with sound-proofing system.

  • Stackable

    Stackable for easy handling.

  • Lock

    On request the product can be fitted with a lock on the body and lid.

  • Numbering

    The container can be numbered using thermal transfers for easy identification.

  • Reflective strips

    Accessory to improve product visibility.


CONTENUR products can be supplied on order in a wide variety of colours. The high-density mass-coloured polyethylene injection system is stabilised against the combined action of water and Ultra Violet rays.

The high-density polyethylene enables the product to easily withstand the elements and makes it extremely stable when faced with temperature changes. Recyclable materials that do not have a negative environmental impact are used, as well as pigments that do not contain heavy metals, which means that the colours remain inalterable.

Download Color Chart