Igloo 3200

Accessibility, quality and functionality

Minimises environmental impact and makes recycling easy

The ISR 3,200 L Igloo is manufactured from linear polyethylene and designed for use with all standard double-hook collection equipment. With a design similar to our 3,200 L side-loading containers, the unit is designed to fit in perfectly with its surroundings and avoid the visual impact of different models of containers in cities.

The single-piece, rectangular body is manufactured from rotational-moulded high-density polyethylene. It comes in two different sizes: 1.87×1.69×1.73m for paper and cardboard and 1.72×1.50×1.80m for packaging and glass. The apertures can be circular (200mm for glass and 250mm for packaging) or rectangular (150x780mm) and have an outer reinforcement and front overhang to prevent the entry of water and ensure waste remains out of sight.

The lifting and emptying system on op of the container is made from corrosion resistant metal. On request ISR-32 Igloos can be supplied with customised features including screen printing or stickers, customised colours and reflective strips. They are easily adapted for the different types of selective collection, with apertures for paper, glass and packaging recycling.

Equipment for all needs

  • Circular apertures

    Aperture height: 1,320mm.

  • Customisable

    On body and lid with sticker, thermal transfer or screen printed.

  • Strong

    Extremely solid and strong product.

  • Double-hook lifting system

    Lifting system for quick emptying of all kinds of waste.

  • Kinshofer lifting system

    Lifting system for quick emptying of all kinds of waste.

  • Easy to empty

    Lifting and emptying made from corrosion resistant steel.